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Things I am considering

Taking the Foreign Service Officer Test in October, thereby applying to the Foreign Services branch of the State Department.

Applying to the CIA.

Having ice cream for dinner.

Buying "Written in Red" for my Kindle, because I've now checked it out of the library 4 times (and renewed it each time so that I could have it for 2 weeks instead of just one), so it's maybe time to own it.

Going to Redondo Beach on June 4, because Nalini Singh will be signing her new book and she lives in New Zealand and hasn't toured through LA in a while so it might be my last chance for a bit. I'm 99% sure I'm going, it just depends on how Mysterious Galaxy structures the signing. With big authors they sometimes have a system where you have to pre-order the book and then you get a number and so on and so forth. I don't see anything like that on the web site though, and they've been VERY clear about restrictions like that in the past. Maybe because she's a paranormal romance author? Eh. Whatever. I WANT TO GO.

Going to Redondo Beach on Friday, June 21 because Leigh Bardugo is signing. Her first book, Shadow and Bone, was one of the best I read last year. The sequel comes out June 4. My hesitation? Obviously I will own both books for Kindle, but if I go to the signing I'll end up with both of them in hardback too, because it's a signing and I have no self-control. Also I always want to buy something from the store, and it might as well be the books I'm there to have signed. I have a sickness. I admit it. But having personalized copies from authors I enjoy is SO COOL. My set of personalized Jacqueline Carey books is now among my most prized possessions. Seriously.

Feb. 5th, 2012

Tequila, why are you awesome?

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays


I'd want to find a cheap, clean source of energy to power the world. One that wouldn't cause every car manufacturer and oil-based energy company to suffer from simultaneous heart attacks. One that would allow people to get themselves around and heat their homes and save the environment all at once. 

If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

"A Muppet Christmas Carol" for the following reasons.

1) Michael Caine as Scrooge. As a Scrooge who signals the end of his miserly ways by dancing and singing through the streets of London. With Muppets. 

2) A soundtrack that I remember dancing about to when I was eleven and am still inspired to dance to whenever I hear it today. 

3) Statlor and Waldorf as Marley and Marley. And their chains? Have Singing. Muppet. Lockboxes. 

4) Muppet vegetables. That sing. In the streets of London. 

5) Mini-Kermit as Tiny Tim in what may be the most adorable version of Tiny Tim in the history of ever. 

6) Did I mention the Muppets? The singing and dancing through the streets of London Muppets? 

What is your must-see holiday movie? One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

Oy to the vey

One of my tables ordered water tonight. We have a few options for water, but generally it comes out of the filter on the soda machine. So I bring the water and leave for a bit. When I come back and ask how they are enjoying the appetizer, the man asks:

"Is this tap water?"

"It's filtered water, sir. From our soda machine."

"But the water comes from the tap, right?"

As opposed to being drawn by hand in a wooden bucket from the crystalline mountain spring we have running through the kitchen? Yeah, it comes from the tap.

Hello, face. Meet palm. *smack*


If we're counting "Silence of the Lambs" as a horror film (as the Academy appears to, since it appeared twice in their recent homage to horror films) then 'The Exorcist' wasn't the last horror film to be honored.

Silence of the Lambs won 5 of "The Big 6" Oscars in 1991; Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.

Plus the poster rocks.

Just saying.

EDIT: Plague from 'Hackers' just won an Oscar. Life is awesome.

Behold the crazy

I'm not sure how this happened twice in one weekend. I must have "Seat the emotional head-cases with ME!" stamped on my forehead.

Last night I had a guy who ordered a single pizza for him and his girlfriend. When I brought the pizza, he asked for hot sauce. When I brought the hot sauce, he said "I don't like the way this looks. It doesn't look good for me. I'll pay for it, but I don't want to eat it."

I said no problem, offered to make him another or get him something else. He said no, he just wanted to leave. I told him to wait while I got the manager to take the pizza off the check (he still had a Pepsi and a margarita to pay for) and he just stands up, puts on his coat, says 'Bye' in this reall obnoxious way and leaves. Without paying for anything.

My manager was totally cool about it, but still. Crazy.

Then tonight I have a Russian couple who start SCREAMING at each other in the middle of the meal. Literally yelling so loudly you could hear them from the front of the resteraunt. The whole place was listening to them fight, even though we couldn't understand a word. Finally my manager had to go ask them to turn it down, and they paid and left, still fighting with each other.

Twice in one weekend. The blue moon is still exerting its power.

Writer's Block: If these walls could talk

Would you rent or buy the home of your dreams if a brutal murder had taken place there? What if you got to live there rent-free? Would you think twice if neighbors warned you that it was haunted?

Yup. Sure would. I'm a freak that way. I've always been fascinated with the paranormal, and the few times I've experienced something close to paranormal I've been really jazzed about it. If neighbors told me the place was haunted that would make me move in that much faster. If someone told me it was the scene of the new Amityville Horror, that might make me think twice. But hey, rent-free? Done and done.


In true Hollywood fashion, I have learned the air date of my episode of 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant'

It airs October 21 at 8:00 p.m. on TLC.

For those of you wishing to TiVo it, the episode is titled 'Is That A Baby In Your Pants'. The recap probably won't have anything about my episode in it, as I'm in the second half and frankly, the woman I played had a normal birth. No toilets or rock concerts involved. Hence the more grabby first story.

So, if you happen to be around tomorrow and interested in a cheeseball and hilarious show, check it out. It should be entertaining.

EDIT: It's on tonight, all. WOO HOO!