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Behold the crazy

I'm not sure how this happened twice in one weekend. I must have "Seat the emotional head-cases with ME!" stamped on my forehead.

Last night I had a guy who ordered a single pizza for him and his girlfriend. When I brought the pizza, he asked for hot sauce. When I brought the hot sauce, he said "I don't like the way this looks. It doesn't look good for me. I'll pay for it, but I don't want to eat it."

I said no problem, offered to make him another or get him something else. He said no, he just wanted to leave. I told him to wait while I got the manager to take the pizza off the check (he still had a Pepsi and a margarita to pay for) and he just stands up, puts on his coat, says 'Bye' in this reall obnoxious way and leaves. Without paying for anything.

My manager was totally cool about it, but still. Crazy.

Then tonight I have a Russian couple who start SCREAMING at each other in the middle of the meal. Literally yelling so loudly you could hear them from the front of the resteraunt. The whole place was listening to them fight, even though we couldn't understand a word. Finally my manager had to go ask them to turn it down, and they paid and left, still fighting with each other.

Twice in one weekend. The blue moon is still exerting its power.

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