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Banned Books Week

I really love Banned Books Week.

I love that it falls during the week of my birthday (very appropriate I would say). I love the campaign that the ALA has put together this year. I love that so many bookstores and libraries come together to celebrate my favorite amendment and to combat intolerance.

I've never understood the concept of banning books. There are books I haven't enjoyed, books I've thought were poorly written or whose content didn't interest me. But other people enjoy those same books. They get a great deal out of them. When books are challenged I always laugh, because the reasons are usually vaguely absurd. My personal favorites are "unsuited to the age group" and "occult/satanism". I remember driving through Filer, a small town just outside my own hometown, and seeing a church marquee declaring that Harry Potter was promoting witchcraft. My response: "Show me where to buy an eleven inch rowan wand with a phoenix feather core and I am so there".

Another perfect example: a woman came in to Borders one night looking for a book for her thirteen year old daughter. Apparently the daughter had a book report due at the end of the month, and had chosen "Eclipse" by Stephanie Meyer. Having throughly researched the book on the internet (because why read it yourself when you can Google it) the mother had decided it was "inappropriate" because of the "heavy make-out scenes". One mental eyeroll later, I showed her to the YA section and spent a good ten minutes going through options. She rejected each one for various reasons, usually having to do with the length rather than the subject matter. I finally left her alone and went back to the front. She joined me a few minutes later with her selection. She had chosen "Such A Pretty Girl" by Lauren Weiss. Now, this is a great book. It's well written with fully realized characters and the delicate and horrific subject matter is handled with grace. Basically, it's about a 15 year old who was sexually abused by her father; when her dad is released from prison early he comes back to live with her and her mom. Not pretty, happy stuff. Nary a unicorn in sight.  Call me crazy, but I figured if mom objected to heavy makeout scenes (that aren't that heavy, especially not if you've read Nora Roberts or one of a thousand romance novels) she wasn't going to be okay with that. So I mentioned it. You'd have thought I lit the book on fire she dropped it so fast.

The ALA has a great website and all sorts of interesting info. Turns out one of my favorite books of all time was a top ten contender for challenges in 2001. Blood and Chocolate, I didn't think it was possible to love you more. The official shirt for 2009 banned books week has a quote from To Kill A Mockingbird which is startlingly appropriate.

"Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing." - Harper Lee

Intellectual freedom, we salute you

Busy busy busy

Today was very full. Surprising for a Saturday.

I went to Glendale to celebrate Val's b-day in style at a restaurant called 'Favorite Place'. The food is good, the iced tea amazing, and the outfit itself really girly. Frills and flowers and tea cups everywhere girly. I was a little overwhelmed by the girly. But I did find out that I can make it to downtown Glendale without using the 134, which I sort of knew but was very glad to have reinforced.

Went to work, and we were slammed from 6 to 10. Which is awesome, because we've been so slow the last few weeks. There's some really interesting things going on with the schedule; they want to transition to permanent schedules (good) but not take vacation requests anymore (not so good). It's no big deal for most of the year, but around the holidays that's going to get nuts, and since Christmas is only three months away I can't see a way around that being insane. I talked to the manager a little about it and he said that they'll either a) honor the requests already made or b) make a list of the few people who get to take the time off and post it somewhere. But it won't be a free-for-all.

Either way, I say yikes.

Tomorrow is work and maybe a movie. Such is life.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, German!

*loves loves loves loves loves*


What is the point of having this shiny new laptop if I can't download anything? I choose to blame my cheapo internet for not being able to view 'Dr. Horrible'. Damn it all to hell.

I call it 'Holy Cow'.

First, I apologize to everyone who has called me in the last few weeks and not gotten a return call. I have been working a crazy amount of hours in an attempt to store up money for my vacation, and the hours that I am free are generally between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. and not generally considered good conversation times. *falls to knees and begs for forgiveness*

Next, working fifty hours in a week is not with the fun. If I'm lucky, it will even out to be about fifty two by the end of tomorrow night. Not so much with the good. But I have only myself to blame, since I wanted a lot of hours this last week before vacation. And it has been mostly a good experience with the opportunity to prove myself built in.

Today was my only morning/early afternoon off, and I took advantage to sleep in, do laundry and pack. All of which needed to be done. I also cleaned my room, Swiffered the whole apartment and reflected upon how much I love my new jeans (which I bought Wednesday because the government wouldn't have sent me that check if they hadn't really wanted me to have new jeans. I'm convinced of it.) I have seen the cover for 'breaking dawn', paid my rent, and tomorrow will deposit my paycheck and tips at the bank.

Vacation. I am SO looking forward to this.

This is what it feels like...

To be a movie star. I'm sure of it. Having people fall all over themselves to make you happy. For the record, it's a little weird. And only has to do with my car, but hey. New experiences and all that.

Working, working, busy, busy.

17 days until I fly home for Christmas.

Saw 'Enchanted' last night. Laughed very hard in parts, ogled Patrick Dempsey, and decided yet again that it is simply not fair that Idina Menzle is gorgeous and uber-talented. The movie made me happy - not only the movie but the expereince of going and watching and enjoying. Goal - get my life back.

How did it get to be December, anyway?

Happiness is...

Having a day planner. Because damn, I needed one.


This time it's MINE!

Not until tomorrow, but hey. Celebrate where you can, when you can. I'm off to Vegas for the weekend folks. See you all on Monday!

No love for Jackie

I can't find the second book by Beth Saulnier. No library in the entirety of LA seems to have it (a factoid I find very hard to swallow). And the used bookstore is denying me the love as well. As are all the regular bookstores, even though I'm not buying new books right now. I'm working on my willpower.

Damn it. I really want to read that book. Amazon Marketplace, here I come.

Birthday in the house!


Love love lovelovelovelove!!!